Desktop AppmacOS, Windows, Linux
Mobile AppiOS & Android
Browser ExtensionChrome, Edge, Brave
Hardware BridgemacOS, Windows, Linux
Bring your crypto assets to mobile, too.Bring your
crypto assets
to mobile, too.
Other platforms
MobileiOS and Android
App Storev, for iOS 13.0+Not available on the Chinese App Store
Google Playv, for Android 8+, 64-bit only
DesktopMac, Windows, Linux
Intel Chipv, for macOS 10.8+
Apple M-Series Chipv, for macOS 10.8+
Mac App Storev, for macOS 10.8+
Windowsv, for Windows 10+
Linuxv, for Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21+, Debian 8+
BrowserBrowser Extension
BridgeMac, Windows, Linux
Linux 64-bit (deb)
Linux 64-bit (rpm)
Linux 32-bit (deb)
Linux 32-bit (rpm)
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Multi-chain support
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